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What is the Scottish Squash Matrix?

The Scottish Squash Matrix is a system designed to produce a list of all players in Scotland in order of current form – otherwise known as an Order-of-Merit.  This Order-of-Merit concept is not a new one, and the Scottish Squash Tournament Circuit has utilised a very similar system for the past two years to seed events.

The Scottish Squash Matrix is web based and automatically calculates an Order-of-Merit using head-to-head results.  A similar system has been used in Australia for over a decade and provides a wide variety of benefits in addition to the overall Order-of-Merit which will be rolled out in the coming months.

Foremost amongst the additional benefits that the Scottish Squash Matrix provides is the ability for members of Scottish Squash to access a results history of all players in all sanctioned events across the country.  The system is currently up to date with all Scottish Squash sanctioned events including the National League with plans in place to include various regional leagues within the Matrix!

Coming soon…

The Scottish Squash Matrix is capable of much, much more and, to give an indication of some of its capabilities:

·         The Scottish Squash Matrix can drastically cut the workload of those running leagues by allowing team captains to enter their own results over the web on match night – imagine waking up the next day to find ladders already updated and all results known!

·         The Scottish Squash Matrix provides “what if” scenarios – if I beat Player B where will my rating move or if I lose to Player A what will happen…

·         The Scottish Squash Matrix can also provide a club, league and regional Order-of-Merit